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Things To Do

Signature Inn offers a choice of Fast food points to choose from when you are down for your holiday in Georgetown.

Bird Watching

For birders, Guyana has over 815 migrant and resident bird species for visitors to see. Whether you are a beginner or keen birder, watching spectacular species of birds freely flying overhead and whistle will be an unforgettable experience. From the range of parrots, toucans, the harpy eagle, Guiana Cock-of-the-Rock, Blood-Coloured Woodpecker, Crimson Fruit crow, and the Elusive Rufus-Winged Ground-Cuckoo, Guyana is indeed a bird paradise and a place where birders should always visit.

Birding hot spots in Guyana
Georgetown (capital city) - a wide range of parrots and other species can be seen in the National Park, Promenade and Botanical Gardens and the Georgetown Seawall.

Kaieteur National Park - the Guiana Cock-of-the-Rock, Orange-Breasted Falcon, white-Chinned and White-Tipped Swifts are the species that could be seen here in abundance.


Guyana's fresh waters are bursting with fishes. Often called the "Land of Many Waters" or the "Big River Country" Guyana's rivers are still unspoilt as it awaits your first cast. Sport Fishing is a new area of tourism attraction in Guyana with many unchartered river terrains virgin to man. Let your cast be the first in the next fishing season.

Game Fish Species in Guyana

Guyana shares with the Amazon River over 1800 fish species. Among those are several Game Fish Species such as the Payara, Arowana, Himara, and what is considered by professional anglers worldwide as the worlds most popular Fresh Water Game Fish, the Peacock Bass (Lukanani). Can you reel a thirty pound bass? Let’s find out next fish season!


Whether you are on Regent Street or in Charity Village, shopping should never be omitted from your itinerary while in Guyana. From gifts and jewelry to crafts and clothing can be found in this wonderful land, you name it we have it! Check out Dhoray's shopping center and Harvey's Furniture and electrical appliances.

Coal Pot Restaurant

Address: Carmichael Street, South Cummingsburg, opposite Bishop's High School.
The Coal Pot Restaurant is a landmark in the 'eating out' culture in Guyana. They serve mainly creole foods such as vegetable stews & rice, metagee, fried rice, sweet and sour pork, prawns fried rice, cook-up rice, pepper pot, soups, salads, stuffed red snapper in banana leaf, salt fish cakes, hot creole chutney and fried parsley dumplings.


Dining in Guyana is all about our eclectic cuisine, ambience and impeccable services. Our restaurants provide you with mouth watering foods that are blended with herbs and spices prepared by highly skilled Guyanese chefs.
Guyana, with its diverse culture offers many finger licking ethnic foods that can be sampled from our cook shops. Intrepid travelers searching for a full cultural immersion can find many food shops and eateries dishing out local cuisines in many places in Guyana.
Roti, curries, pastries, cakes, soups, Brazilian style cuisines, Chinese cuisines, salads, cook-up, metamgee, pepperpot, bakes, seafoods are all example of foods that will leave your taste buds wanting more.
For those of you who prefer to dine on the go, fast food restaurants are well placed around the city. KFC, Popeyes, Chester Fries, Pizza Hut, Churches Chicken, Royal Castle and many more, provide you with freshly prepared seafoods, chicken and fries.

For travelers craving a drink, our refreshing Banks Beer or El Dorado Rum should always be your choice. But of course, a wide assortment of local fruit punches and juices are also always available at our dining places.

Kaieteur Overland Tour

Envision 45, 000 gallons of lush black water thundering down a rock escarpment every second. Wonder in the sky dance of thousands upon thousands of scissor-tailed Swifts or soak in the culture of the prolific mountain hunters, the Patamonas. Take the overland journey through dense jungle for nights besides refreshing and scenic waterfalls, while pondering the language of the wildlife. Then take the 1,800 feet mountain hike to experience the magnificence of the 741-feet single drop waterfalls. We guarantee you'll say "Oh, my God" at both the adventure and the beauty that you behold. Contact us for more information or to book an overland tour contact: Rainforest Tours or Wilderness Explorers

City Tour

Georgetown is the Capital and largest town in Guyana. The town was designed by the Dutch as an outpost to protect their settlement during the 17th century. Gerogetown is reffered to as the 'garden city' and boosts a combination of wood work and concrete buildings dated back to the early 19th century. The St. Georges Cathedral purpotedly the largest wooding building is found in Georgetown along with the famous Stabroek Market, the Kinsgton Seawall and Bourda Cricket Ground.

Guyana's El dorado Rum tour

Voted among the best Rum in the World and a winner of several medals, the El Dorado Rum is a line of production by the Demerara Distillery. Visitors will see how this unique blend of Eldorado 5, 10 or 15 years old rum is being produced.The very ancient techniques of rum making is alive in Guyana from Continuous Stills, Wooden Coffey and Wooden Pot Stills are all used to produce this rich blend of El dorado rum.


After you've had your day fill of fun, it's time to check the vibrant and diverse night entertainment that awaits you. Explore the bars, clubs, sports bars, jazz club, Latin parties, poolside band performances and karaoke bars or just “lime” [hang out] as they say in Guyana at any of the local fish shops and the Georgetown Seawall.

Guyana boasts more than 300 Glorious waterfalls . Including several of the World's highest Waterfalls such as Kaieteur the world's largest single-drop waterfall( five-times the size of Niagara Falls), King George V1 falls at 525 feet and King Edward V111 at over 850 feet.

Georgetown hosts the majority of museums in Guyana. Each of which showcases a different aspect of Guyana's historical remnants.

Park, Zoo & Gardens

Botanical Garden
No trip to Georgetown would be complete without a visit to the Botanical Gardens. The Botanical Gardens houses one of the most extensive collections of tropical flora in the Caribbean and are laid out with ponds, canals, kissing bridges and a bandstand.

Promenade Garden
The Promenade Garden, with its main entrance on Middle Street, occupies one city block. The area was once used as a public display for hanging the slaves associated with the 1823 East Coast rebellion. Prominent fixtures in the garden include a bandstand and the Mahatma Gandhi Monument. The bandstand is the oldest of three in the city and was completed in 1897.

The National Park
The National Park, formerly occupied by the Demerara Golf Club since 1923 was renamed the Queen Elizabeth II National Park in 1965 in honour of the Queen's visit to Guyana. On Guyana's attainment of independence it was became known as the National Park.On 26 May 1966 the Golden Arrowhead was hoisted and the Union Jack lowered marking the birth of Guyana. This park is utilized for cultural, educational and recreational activities and is maintained by The National Parks Commission under the Ministry of Agriculture.


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